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Routine inspections and corrective/preventative maintenance measures are to be conducted to ensure that all guards and safety features are retained and function properly.  Only a trained person is to be permitted to operate this machine. Training should include instruction in operation under normal conditions and emergency situations. This machine is to be serviced only by trained and authorized personnel. Follow lockout procedures before servicing. Never reach into the machine for any reason unless the machine is at a COMPLETE STOP. Never leave the machine stopped in such a manner that another worker can start the machine while you are working on or within the machine. Never change or defeat the function of electrical interlocks or other machine "shutdown" switches. Before starting this machine, check that: - All persons are clear of the machine. - No maintenance work is being performed on the machine. - All guards are in place. Read and understand the Operation Manual and all safety labels before operating this machine.



Listed below are our most common product safety sign material and regulatory data sheets.

Material Application MaxTemp (°F) MinTemp (°F) Chemical Resistance RoHS CRoHS REACH Material Data Sheet Regulatory Data Sheet
(BE) Indoor/Outdoor Aluminum Indoor/Outdoor 175 -40 Good Yes Yes No Material Data Sheet N/A
(BJ) Indoor/Outdoor Plastic Indoor/Outdoor 140 32 Good Yes Yes Yes Material Data Sheet N/A
(W4) Indoor Photoluminescent Indoor 140 -40 Good No No No Material Data Sheet N/A
(ZA) Indoor/Outdoor Flexible Polyester Indoor/Outdoor 225 -20 Good Yes Yes Yes Material Data Sheet Regulatory Data Sheet
(PC) Safety Cone Indoor/Outdoor 150 0 Excellent No No No Material Data Sheet N/A
(CV) Safety Cone Sign Indoor/Outdoor 150 0 Good No No No Material Data Sheet N/A

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