A New Standard to Improve Global Workplace Safety – And How Clarion's Involved

By Erin Earley | 25th Nov 2013

Recent workplace tragedies – like the April 2013 garment factory collapse in Bangladesh which killed over 1,000 people – have highlighted the need to take steps to improve worker safety and health throughout the world. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is taking steps to develop a global occupational health and safety (OH&S) standard to provide effective, real-world solutions for worker safety.

This new ISO effort – Project Committee (PC) 283, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems – is said to represent one of the most significant consensus standards activities within the last 50 years, with the potential to positively impact occupational health and safety management on a global level.

Here at Clarion, we're pleased to say that we'll be a part of this new effort. Clarion's CEO has been selected as a member of the U.S. TAG to ISO PC 283, a group of experts and stakeholders that will influence the development of the standard. In the words of our CEO, Geoffrey Peckham:

"It's truly a privilege for me to serve as a member of this TAG, and to be part of this critically important effort to develop a standard that can be practically implemented to improve workplace safety around the world. This new standard will give organizations a framework to follow – with tried and proven processes and procedures that are in line with today's best practices. What does this ultimately mean? Reduced risk, improved worker safety and fewer accidents, injuries and fatalities."

To learn more about the important work of this standard, read Clarion's news release on ISO PC 283.