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Alligator Signs and Your Warnings

Posted by Clarion Safety Systems | 22nd Oct 2012

When it comes to effective warnings that better protect people and reduce risk, it's important to be aware of the accidents occurring within your industry, in order to better meet your legal duty to warn. Why is this the case? As a safety professional, when you take a wider and more comprehensive view of the hazards affecting your industry (not just limiting warnings to injuries specifically related to your company's products), you'll be better equipped to define the safety messages that need to be conveyed.

Here's one example (granted, this may not be your average product hazard!): alligators present safety signs. Many public and private premises in the southeast U.S. including parks, universities, and golf courses – have problems with alligators. This past summer, news broke of a tragic accident in Florida involving a teen who had lost an arm in an alligator attack. The attack occurred during alligator mating season when, local officials said, such aggressive behavior is not uncommon. In light of the emphasis on liability and duty to warn in U.S. courts, it can be argued that property owners of areas that commonly have alligators present now have a reasonably foreseeable risk that they have a duty to warn about.

Alligators Present Safety Sign on Golf Course
(Sign design 
©Clarion Safety Systems)

The alligators present safety sign, above, informs golfers, spectators, and grounds visitors of the presence of alligators on a golf course. The sign uses the latest warnings technology – the ANSI and ISO best-practice standards – including a recently-registered ISO safety symbol for alligators. While this Clarion sign was developed for golf courses, it can be used across a number of types of premises to better inform people of the hazard of alligators – with the aim of helping to reduce the risk of accidents and liability exposure, should an accident occur.

Read the Clarion "On Your Mark" article featured in the latest issue of In Compliance Magazine to learn more about how safety messages – whether in the form of warning signs on premises or safety labels on products – should warn against reasonably foreseeable risks. Authored by Clarion CEO Geoffrey Peckham, "On Your Mark" is a regular series of columns that explores graphical symbols and how they're used to convey safety messages. Stay tuned here on the Clarion Safety Systems blog for the next article in this series – and for more insight on best practice safety signs, labels, and markings.

And keep in mind, if you have a safety issue or hazard challenge that could benefit from the development of a standards-compliant safety sign, our expert staff is ready to work with you to meet your exact requirements. With our full range of customization capabilities, Clarion has the unique ability to design, produce and deliver just about any safety sign, safety label, or safety marking you need. Learn more about our customization capabilities today!

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