Clarion Launches Tool to Help Meet OSHA/GHS Training Requirement

By Erin Earley | 20th Aug 2012

Is your workplace ready for OSHA/GHS? Let's take a look at the important facts you need to know – and a new tool from Clarion that can help you to meet OSHA's mandated GHS training requirements.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has aligned its Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) with the U.N. Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). This major new initiative in workplace safety is coming about due to OSHA's focus on giving worker's the "right to understand" hazards, a significant step above the prior OSHA HazCom goal of giving employees the "right to know". The new global standards are information-rich in their visual presentation of hazardous chemical safety messages.

Among the important changes that GHS will bring are a new form of safety data sheet (SDS), changes in labeling requirements, and changes in hazard classification. In order to implement these changes, training will be required to ensure that employees understand the new system. According to OSHA's guidelines, employees must be trained on the new label elements and SDS format by December 1, 2013, while full compliance with the final rule will begin in 2015.

Clarion OSHA/GHS Training Center

To aid employers in training workers, Clarion offers an OSHA/GHS Chemical Hazardous Communication Training Center. The solution gives employers an essential workplace tool to help meet the GHS training requirement, providing a place within facilities to train employees in recognizing and understanding the new hazardous chemical communication regulation. It provides:

  • The nine standardized GHS pictograms and their intended meanings
  • An overview for understanding the new OSHA HazCom chemical labels
  • Educational information teaching employees how to read and understand SDS and transport labels
  • A beautifully-tailored binder and rack system to house SDS

The Clarion HazCom training center is available in Clarion's online catalog in 6 standard sign options (including vertical and horizontal formats, bilingual English/Spanish language, and with or without a SDS binder and basket) so you can choose the best fit for your facility.

To learn more about OSHA/GHS and the Clarion solution, visit our Learning Center or online catalog. And remember, at Clarion, we're always ready to design safety signs, labels, and markings to meet your exact requirements – and to make the process easy for you! Call us today at (800) 748-0241 to learn more about our customization capabilities.