Clarion Pool Safety Sign System Called Out as Leading Aquatics Product

By Erin Earley | 3rd Feb 2013

Clarion Pool Safety SignsHere at Clarion Safety Systems, we're pleased to report that our pool safety sign system has been featured in Aquatics International Magazine's "New Products" list, a showcase of leading, new aquatics products for 2013.

According to the magazine, its listing is made up of "the latest and greatest new products for the commercial aquatics industry," and items that readers can use to "create the most successful facility possible."

What makes this signage stand out from the rest?  Clarion's pool safety sign systems are designed with clear graphical symbols to draw attention to core safety messages and crafted to comply with the latest U.S. and international safety standards. In addition, the signage has undergone extensive comprehension testing, designed by independent experts and administered by the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, which confirms that key symbols and signs are quickly recognized and clearly understood by viewers.

To learn more about pool safety and effective signage, watch Clarion's short, 4-minute video " Preventing Swimming Pool Accidents and Lawsuits."

You can also visit the Clarion pool safety sign system online catalog – where signs are available in English, Spanish, and bilingual English/Spanish, and can be customized with different languages, sizes and finishes – or contact us for help in building a system to fit your requirements.