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Clarion Safety Systems’ Renewed ISO/TC 145 Leadership Role

Posted by Clarion Safety Systems | 24th Feb 2021

Clarion's ISO/TC 145 Leadership

You may know that, as part of our passion for safety, Clarion Safety is a longtime and active member of the standards bodies responsible for safety sign and label standards – the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) domestically and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) internationally. That includes, for over twenty years, being a member of ISO’s Technical Committee 145 (ISO/TC 145), and for over thirty years, being a member of the ANSI Z535 committee.

ISO/TC 145 Leadership Update
We have an exciting news update to share: Clarion Safety’s founder, Geoffrey Peckham, was reappointed as chair of ISO/TC 145, a key safety sign and label standards-writing committee. Geoffrey has been serving as chair since 2018, and has been appointed to another three-year term, running from 2021 to 2023. In his renomination, his expert knowledge, skills in leading TC 145’s delegates to consensus, and his ability to innovate and find creative solutions were cited.

What Exactly is ISO/TC 145?
ISO/TC 145 is one of the most influential standards-writing committees in the world. This international committee standardizes the majority of symbols people see on a daily basis. ISO/TC 145 is charged with the continual development of an international language of symbols used on signs, products and in the built environment to inform people of a wide variety of meanings.

It’s a ‘horizontal’ ISO technical committee, meaning that all other ISO committees work through it to standardize symbols used to convey safety information. Whether it’s on safety signs posted in workplaces or on warning labels permanently attached to machinery and equipment, ISO/TC 145 safety symbols communicate essential messages meant to protect people from harm.

“I’m honored to continue to hold this position – it’s a privilege to lead this technical committee in defining worldwide best practices for symbol-based communication. The 53 countries involved with ISO/TC 145 are shaping an essential global language that helps people to safely use products and navigate their environment,” Geoffrey says.

Continued ANSI Leadership – and a Passing of the Torch
When it comes to ANSI leadership, Geoffrey served as chair of the ANSI Z535 committee for nearly a decade, until 2020 when he and the vice chair made the decision to step down and let others take on the committee’s leadership.

He also recently retired as a member of the ANSI Z535 committee. Our director of standards compliance initiatives, Angela Lambert, continues to represent the company on the ANSI Z535 committee, in addition to serving as chair of the ANSI Z535.1 subcommittee.

“It’s time for new blood and new ideas to take root to keep the ANSI Z535 standards relevant to today’s safety issues. I’m confident this will happen. By passing the torch to Angela and other committee members, the ANSI Z535 standards will continue to set the bar for safety communication best practices in the United States. I’m also confident that harmonization with ISO/TC 145’s new and revised standards will also continue to take place, because Angela and other Z535 committee leaders are actively involved on the U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 145.”

Read our official company news – and know that we’ll continue to keep you updated on the latest happenings and best practices for safety symbols, signs and labels.

This blog was originally posted on 1/22/18 and has been updated with new information throughout.

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