Lab Safety: Communicating Through More Effective Signs

By Erin Earley | 5th Dec 2012

Safety, health and environmental professionals know that, in order to support existing safety programs and create a culture of safety in lab environments, it's essential to communicate proper procedures for a safer workplace. In terms of the most effective communication, signs the visual reminders that reinforce safety at the point of interaction with a potential hazard can support and strengthen your overall safety program.

ASSE Enviromentor - Lab Hazards and Safety Signs

Now, think about the safety signs in labs, or other areas where hazardous materials are in use. Are they clear, concise, and compliant? Without a doubt, this is a challenge, and many facilities may fall short. In most cases, a variety of messages need to be communicated, from personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements to emergency contact information. Often, this content must be customized to the specific lab environment, and may be subject to change. This leads to signage which is haphazard, cluttered and unorganized. At the same time, the latest best practice standards may not have been a consideration.

How can safety signs achieve the goals of tidiness, noticeability, changeability, and standards compliance? We explain this in the Clarion article on lab hazards featured in EnviroMentor, a technical publication of the American Society of Safety Engineers environmental practice specialty group.

The most important point to keep in mind? The solution is not to post more safety signage, its more effective safety signage. This can be accomplished through a quick, tailored sign system placed at lab entranceways or doors that provides flexibility in identifying specific hazards and conditions in labs, as well as PPE requirements.

Best Practice Lab Door Sign"Lab door safety signage, above, that meets best practice standards for safety communication. Learn more about this solution and other customized safety label and sign options to meet your needs by visiting the Clarion Resource Center."

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