New Clarion Videos: ANSI and ISO Standards in Safety Signs and Labels

By Erin Earley | 2nd Apr 2012

At Clarion, we are here to help answer your questions about safety communications at any time. We also have a comprehensive Resource Center available on our website, placing valuable insight at your fingertips (just browse our Learning Center for the latest facts on safety labels and safety signs, get answers to all of your questions in our FAQs, or view cases studies of Clarion safety products in action around the world).

Another of these important tools in the Clarion Resource Center is our Video Library, where we share snapshots of safety topics through brief, informative videos. Now playing: we recently added two new videos to the library, showing you fundamentals of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards.

Why are the ANSI and ISO standards important to you in developing safety markings that effectively reduce your liability risk and keep your customers, workers and facilities safe? Safety messages need to stand out among all of the signs and advertisements that we see on a daily basis. To accomplish this, ANSI and ISO have established a uniform system of hazard recognition that governs the symbols, format, color, and the amount and level of content that goes on safety markings. Clarion has been actively involved in advancing these ANSI and ISO standards in the U.S and around the globe for more than two decades – and we rigorously apply them in each of our products. The goal is for the people that you are protecting to have an automatic understanding when they see a safety sign, label or tag.

Ready to learn more? View each of the videos, below and make sure to head over to our Video Library to see the full collection of Clarion videos.

ANSI Standards in Safety Signs and Labels

Learn how the ANSI Z535 standards use colors and signal words to convey severity levels on safety signs, labels, tags and markings.

ISO Symbols for Safety Signs and Labels

Learn how ISO uses symbols, vocabulary, and color to standardize safety signage on a worldwide basis.