OSHA and DOL are definitely back; huge fines for BP

By Clarion Safety | 29th Oct 2009

If anyone doubted that there's a new sheriff in town regarding worker protection and workplace safety, there's not a shred of doubt any longer.

Check this news release from OSHA from Oct. 30:

"WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) today announced it is issuing $87,430,000 in proposed penalties to BP Products North America Inc. for the company's failure to correct potential hazards faced by employees. The fine is the largest in OSHA's history. The prior largest total penalty, $21 million, was issued in 2005, also against BP."

"Safety violations at BP's Texas City, Texas, refinery resulted in a massive explosion – with 15 deaths and 170 people injured – in March of 2005. BP entered into a settlement agreement with OSHA in September of that year, under which the company agreed to corrective actions to eliminate potential hazards similar to those that caused the 2005 tragedy. Today's announcement comes at the conclusion of a six-month inspection by OSHA, designed to evaluate the extent to which BP has complied with its obligations under the 2005 agreement and OSHA standards."