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Preventing Shallow Water Blackout

Posted by Clarion Safety Systems | 13th Jun 2012

No Long Breath HoldingHere on the Clarion Safety System Blog, we've shared with you news on water safety, and how safety signs in and around pool areas – signs that get noticed and deliver impact – can better protect people and reduce risk.

One of the water safety messages you'll find in our leading-edge pool safety sign system is " No Long Breath Holding."

Why is this specific issue important? Ask the family and friends of Jonathan J. Proce and Bodhan Vitenko. Proce and Vitenko, two strong and fit swimmers preparing for careers with elite military units, died last July at a New York City recreation center pool, guarded by trained lifeguards, while using prolonged breath-holding as part of their training. Both young men were 21 years old. Proce's family has started a petition to help ensure that safeguards are in place to prevent this type of tragic accident from occurring in another NYC public pool. Their platform:

"Specifically, we believe the City of New York and its Department of Parks and Recreation should require lifeguards to ban these types of training exercises at their pools and to warn patrons of their inherent danger. In addition, similar to the "No Diving" and "No Running" signs typically required to be displayed at city pools, we believe NYC and its Department of Parks and Recreation should post signs warning patrons "No Long Breath Holding". In addition, we believe NYC lifeguard training should make shallow-water blackout an area of focus – in fact, Jonathan WAS a NYC LIFEGUARD swimming in a pool guarded by NYC lifeguards and yet no one knew the activity was dangerous and many had never even heard of shallow-water blackout before... We believe that these simple, inexpensive and "common sense" actions can SAVE LIVES and prevent future SENSELESS DEATHS of young people in NYC pools."

-Change.org Petition

The bottom line: when it comes to water safety, education and safety signage can saves lives. Learn more about water safety, including shallow water blackout, and effective signage today by visiting the Clarion water safety and pool safety sign resources.

To learn more about the shallow water blackout petition to the NY State Senate, visit change.org.

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