Signs and Wayfinding: Promoting a Better Understanding

By Bethany Stadelmann | 20th Aug 2014

What's happening at the leading edge of signing? A great resource is the Sign Design Society. Its members work on signing and environmental graphic projects all around the world and have produced some of the most iconic sign systems of our time – like those found at the last three Olympic games, mass transit systems such as Dubai Metro and wayfinding systems at international airports.

The Society's aim is to promote a better understanding of the importance of signing and wayfinding, and to provide platforms for dialog.

One of the upcoming events aimed at doing just that takes place later this Fall, in London, U.K. And, our CEO Geoffrey Peckham, has been selected to present a lecture at this September gathering. The talk, titled, "Reducing Risk: Safety Signs and Markings Their Role in the United States," will discuss how safety signs and markings in the U.S. help to protect people from harm and organizations from liability, and will also provide an opportunity to compare and contrast approaches to safety signs in the U.S., U.K., and Europe.

Interested in learning more? Visit The Sign Design Society's website or their information on attending this particular session.