Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Labels

For today’s original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, taking the necessary steps to mitigate risk and increase the safety of products and machinery are top priorities. Labels on products, also known as stickers and decals, play a critical role in communicating safety and hazard information which can help to reduce risk and increase safety for end users.

Clarion Safety has decades of experience working with clients to implement the latest ANSI/ISO best practices into their warnings and instructions, helping to deliver clear and compliant messaging. We place a special focus on quality, as well as on customization to meet specific OEM needs. As all types of equipment are made of different materials, and may have different environmental and cleaning requirements, we offer a variety of durable labeling solutions that are built to last. We use the highest quality adhesives that can withstand extreme temperatures and adhere to various surface types including textured, powder-coated and low or high energy. Here, too, we can work together to ensure durability based on the environment of use, providing peace of mind that the warning will last the duration of the equipment’s expected life. Additionally, sometimes space is limited where a safety message is required; we can work with you to create the unique shape and size needed, no matter the dimensions, to ensure clear communication.

Here are a few of the top ways we meet the needs of our OEM customers:

Below, browse a snapshot of our high-quality, durable products, created with the needs of OEMs in mind. Don’t see what you’re looking for? With our depth of experience working with clients, we have a variety of additional products available, including full systems of labels, signs, and tags. Reach out to us so that we can help with your specific needs – or create your own custom label, sign, and tag online in three simple steps!

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