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Media Removal And Threading
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  • 5000 or above for $1.84/each

Word Message:
To safely remove spent media from the re-roller bar: 1. Press Media Jog pushbutton until pins are on top of bar. Remove both pins. 2. Press Media Jog pushbutton until spent media falls out. 3. Remove spent media from bar and reuse or install a new 2" x 2" bar. 4. Wrap media around bar and press Media Jog pushbutton to start a new roll. To safely thread media through the filter: 1. NEVER place hands between the platens when threading media. 2. Press Auto System Stop pushbutton. 3. When discharge completes, use an Allen wrench to open both end cover doors. 4. Push Media Thread Device through filter and attach new media to Device. 5. Pull Media Thread Device with attached media through filter. 6. Thread media through scraper assembly and attach to media reroller. 7. Close and fasten the Discharge End cover door. 8. Push Auto System Start pushbutton to restart filter.



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