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Skin Injection Hazard. Protect hands and body from high pressure fluids. • Relieve pressure before disconnecting hydraulic or other lines and tighten all connections before applying pressure. • In case of accidental skin injection, seek immediate “Surgical Treatment.” • Failure to follow this warning can result in amputation or serious injury. This tag may only be removed by: Name: Date: Dept: Expected Completion Date: Do NOT remove this tag unless you are the person who put it on. To do so without authorization will lead to disciplinary action. REMARKS: SEE OTHER SIDE To reorder: 800-748-0241 or clarionsafety.com 

Clarion Safety Systems brings you high quality danger skin injection hazard tag safety tags (ITEM# ST1021A-1) which are produced on premium plastic material and are expertly designed to meet your accident prevention tags needs. 

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Listed below are our most common product safety sign material and regulatory data sheets.

Material Application MaxTemp (°F) MinTemp (°F) Chemical Resistance RoHS CRoHS REACH Material Data Sheet Regulatory Data Sheet
(BE) Indoor/Outdoor Aluminum Indoor/Outdoor 175 -40 Good Yes Yes No Material Data Sheet N/A
(BJ) Indoor/Outdoor Plastic Indoor/Outdoor 140 32 Good Yes Yes Yes Material Data Sheet N/A
(W4) Indoor Photoluminescent Indoor 140 -40 Good No No No Material Data Sheet N/A
(ZA) Indoor/Outdoor Flexible Polyester Indoor/Outdoor 225 -20 Good Yes Yes Yes Material Data Sheet Regulatory Data Sheet
(PC) Safety Cone Indoor/Outdoor 150 0 Excellent No No No Material Data Sheet N/A
(CV) Safety Cone Sign Indoor/Outdoor 150 0 Good No No No Material Data Sheet N/A

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