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    If you are involved in the distribution or shipping industry, then you are probably familiar with barcode 128. With Clarion Safety’s barcode label generator, you can now create your own barcode label to attach to your products.

    Code 128 barcodes are used to identify a variety of products. They are fairly compact and can represent all 128 ASCII characters, making them a popular choice for manufacturers. A typical Code 128 barcode consists of a start code, a data set, a checksum, and a stop code. The start and stop code signify the beginning and end of the barcode. The checksum, meanwhile, is a calculation based on the assigned value of each number in the dataset. It is used to ensure the data was entered correctly. The main part of a Code 128 barcode is the data set. There are three possible codesets that can be used to encrypt the data. Codeset A uses uppercase letters, numbers 0-9, punctuation marks, and control codes. Codeset B uses both uppercase and lowercase letters along with numbers 0-9 and punctuation marks. Finally, Codeset C uses solely numbers from 0-99.

    Create your own custom Code 128 barcode label now, easily and in minutes. Simply input your information, with serialization capabilities if needed, and choose from our high-quality material options. We’ll then ensure a fast and efficient turnaround. Need a different size or material option? We can help! Please chat us or call us at (877) 748-0244.

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