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Custom Pharmacode Barcode Label

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Clarion Safety can help you create your own high-quality pharmacode barcode labels to ensure you have what you need for your packing control system. A pharmacode barcode is a specialized type of one-dimensional barcode that is used in the pharmaceutical industry to help easily and securely label products during the packaging process. This type of barcode can encode numbers 3 to 131070 and can be created using a pharmacode generator. Due to the high importance of this type of labeling, pharmacode is designed to be accurately read in spite of any printing errors that may occur once generated and can be printed in various colors. There is no human-readable data stored for pharmacode as is it stored in binary rather than decimal. If using an omnidirectional scanner, this type of code can be read either left to right or right to left.

Clarion Safety is dedicated to providing high quality industrial labels and custom printing options. Use our Custom Product Designer to create your custom pharmacode barcode labels now. We make it quick and easy, with simple steps that allow you to create your label in real-time, including generating your barcode or serialization if needed, and then send it to print. Rely on our competitive pricing, quick turnaround times, and unmatched quality.

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