Digital Safety and Management Solution
At Clarion Safety, our mission is simple: protecting people from harm while reducing business risk for our customers. We’ve spent the past 30+ years working with companies like yours, identifying better ways to warn. Now, we’re bringing our offerings to the next level with ClarionAccess®, our digital safety and management solution. It provides one central location for all product resources – enhanced safety information, manuals, services and parts, training, and more – available by scanning a ‘smart’ label on the machine. The result: reduced liability risk, increased business efficiency, and better customer safety and satisfaction.

How ClarionAccess® Works
The Clarion Safety team works with you to create your personalized ClarionAccess® platform, built to your brand and product specifications. The platform is accessible on any device – desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. We also provide a ‘smart’ QR code label to apply to your machine for instant access to the platform when the label is scanned.

What’s Included
Your custom-designed platform provides access to all of your product’s information, which can include:

  • Custom-Developed Safety Resources
    1. Symbol/label library tailored to your on-product warnings
    2. Training videos related to your product’s symbols/warnings
    3. Customized training programs specific to your machine
  • Product Resources
    1. Product manual
    2. Product documents (warranties, certifications, and more)
    3. Servicing and parts information
    4. Sales and ordering information
  • Compliance and Reporting Tools
    1. Notification of standards changes or best practice recommendations for your warnings
    2. Certificates of completion for trainings
    3. Usage reports of the ClarionAccess platform

A Focus on Training
We understand that safety-related training is a high priority for today’s businesses. After all, it’s imperative for safety and liability risk reduction. Yet, keeping pace with the digital age can be a challenge. Clarion Safety can help – no matter how advanced your training program is or how digitally integrated you’ve made your workplace. Here’s how:

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