Machine Safeguarding Audits to Increase Safety and Reduce Risk

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Safeguarding is a must for machinery and processes that have the potential to cause injury. But every safeguarding method has both advantages and limitations, which is why finding the most effective approach requires thorough analysis and consideration of the related risks. A machinery safeguarding audit can help to assess your machine and processes, providing actionable information on how the application of current compliance standards related to your machine will help ensure additional protection for operators and may subsequently reduce liability.

Machinery Safeguarding Standards
ANSI has developed safety standards to help protect machine operators against injury, regardless of what machinery is in use. Here at Clarion Safety, we use these standards as guidelines for developing accurate and effective safeguarding recommendations curated to the specific pieces of machinery or equipment you use, and that will have the best chance of protecting your operators. These include: 

  • ANSI B11 – A family of 24 machine tool standards
  • ANSI/RIA R15.06 – Industrial Robots and Robot Systems - Safety Requirements
  • ANSI B15.1 – Safety Standard for Mechanical Power Transmission Apparatus
  • ANSI B151 – Family of plastic moulding machinery standards
  • ANSI Z136.1 – American National Standards for Safe Use of Lasers
  • ASME B20.1 – Safety Standard for Conveyors and Related Equipment
  • ANSI Z136.9 – American National Standard for Safe Use of Lasers in Manufacturing Environments

Common Safeguarding Flaws
Not only can an audit apply the latest safety standards to your machinery, but it can also check for common issues found in previously implemented safeguarding strategies. A few examples of typical safeguarding issues includes:

  • Failure to consider all risks associated with the machinery
  • Abuse of protective, cycle and/or emergency stops
  • Lack of thorough training on equipment
  • Missing or deficient secondary safeguards

 Our Machinery Safeguarding Audit Services
We offer trusted, effective machinery safeguarding audit services through Clarion Safety Assessment. In accordance with the most recent ANSI standards, our team of experts takes into account all safety precautions given the machine and its design. A thorough inspection and safeguarding assessment are completed to identify what guards or devices could be used as true barriers or signals to keep operators working safely. We give consideration to proximity to machinery risks and consult on how to best achieve maximum safety given your equipment’s’ design and intent.

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