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cta-wp-ce.png UKCA Marking Compliance
Regulatory compliance is important for today’s manufacturers, beyond designing safe products and equipment for their end users. Certain countries require specific markings on products that are shipped in and out of their nation, which must comply with product labeling regulations both nationally and internationally. A product that fails to meet the required marking standards can result in costly fines and even permanent shelving of that product. 

The United Kingdom Conformity Assessed (UKCA) mark is the result of the United Kingdom’s (UK) official exit from the European Union. This also included a separation from the single market, where the CE mark is the universally accepted regulatory marking. While in most cases the CE mark can still be used for the UK market during a transition period up until January 1, 2023, the UKCA mark will replace the CE mark at the end of the transition. This means that the UKCA mark must be visibly applied to UK market products that require conformity to relevant UK legislation in order to be in compliance. 

Using the UKCA Mark
UKCA marking, in most cases, must be applied directly to the product in a visible location. If this is not possible, the mark should then be applied to any of the product’s packaging and relevant documents. Exact requirements will vary depending on the product and the regulations that apply it. 

However, some general guidelines to follow are:

  • Only manufacturers – or authorized representatives where legislation allows – are able to apply UKCA markings to a product.
  • The manufacturer takes full responsibility for relevant legislation conformity when applying the UKCA mark.
  • The UKCA mark must only be used to show conformity with UK legislation.
  • Do not apply visuals that affect the visibility, legibility, or meaning of the UKCA mark.
  • Do not apply any other marking or sign which confuses the meaning or form of the UKCA mark.
  • Do not use the UKCA mark on a product unless there is a specific requirement to do so by legislation.

Changes Manufacturers Should be Aware Of
The new UK regulations do not change product safety and other compliance standards, which are still required and to be applied as normal. However, there are changes to procedure which manufacturers should be aware of. First, EU-based businesses that bring UK products into the EU are now classified as “importers” instead of “distributors”. This is not just a title change, as importers must include a technical file and indicate their business name and address on their product, in addition to the previously required declarations, instructions, and markings. Second, importers of products marketed in the UK must be established in the UK. Product labeling requirements can be met by including the specified information on the product’s accompanying documents for a period of 18 months. Authorized representatives already established in the EEA will continue to be recognized by the UK. Any established after December 31, 2020, must be established in the UK.

Our UKCA Mark Consulting Services
Times of transition for regulatory compliance can be difficult and complex, which makes an expert opinion all the more valuable. We offer comprehensive machine safety and risk consulting services through Clarion Safety Assessment. That includes UKCA marking services to help you ensure that you’re meeting necessary requirements and are in compliance when the transition period ends as of January 1, 2023.

As part of our UKCA marking consulting services, we can help you:

  • Determine which technical requirements apply to your product
  • Meet applicable requirements
  • Create and maintain relevant technical documentation
  • Affix your product with a UKCA mark label
  • Complete your UK Declaration of Conformity

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