Trusted Consulting Services to Meet UKNI Mark Compliance Requirements

cta-wp-ce.pngUKNI Marking Compliance
Regulatory compliance is important for today’s manufacturers, beyond designing safe products and equipment for their end users. Certain countries require specific markings on products that are shipped in and out of their nation, which must comply with product labeling regulations both nationally and internationally. A product that fails to meet the required marking standards can result in costly fines and even permanent shelving of that product.

The United Kingdom Northern Ireland (UKNI) mark is a new conformity marking for products and manufactured goods placed on the market in Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland Protocol brought the UKNI mark into effect on January 1, 2021, aligning Northern Ireland with relevant EU rules for placing manufactured goods on the market. To show that your products meet the rules, manufacturers must apply the UKNI marking and place products through the mandatory third-party conformity assessment.

Using the UKNI Mark
Northern Ireland continues to use EU conformity markings to show goods that meet EU standards. The majority of these goods will still use the CE mark, but other markings may be required for certain products, such as the UKNI. 

You must use UKNI marking if all of the following apply:

  • You are placing certain goods (goods subject to CE marking) on the Northern Ireland market
  • Your goods require mandatory third-party conformity assessments
  • You plan to use a UK body to carry out that conformity assessment

You should not use the UKNI marking if either of the following apply:

  • You are placing goods on the EU market
  • You plan on using an EU body to carry out the conformity assessment

UKNI Marking Requirements
Make sure to follow proper procedures when applying the UKNI mark. It’s important to remember that you’re taking personal responsibility for your product’s conformity when you attach the mark. This general set of rules should be kept in mind when using the UKNI mark:

  • Only the product manufacturer or authorized representative may place the UKNI marking on a product
  • Do not use any other marking or sign that may confuse the meaning or form of the UKNI marking to third parties
  • Do not attach any other markings on your product which affect the visibility, legibility, or meaning of the UKNI marking
  • Do not apply the UKNI marking to your product unless it is specifically required by the legislation
  • The UKNI marking must always accompany another conformity marking; it never appears on a product alone

Our UKNI Mark Consulting Services
Our knowledgeable compliance team can assist you in navigating these new regulatory compliance requirements in Northern Ireland and the EU. We offer comprehensive machine safety and risk consulting services through Clarion Safety Assessment. That includes UKNI marking services to help you ensure that you’re meeting necessary requirements and are in compliance. 

As part of our UKNI marking consulting services, we can help you:

  • Determine which technical requirements apply to your product
  • Affix your product with a UKNI mark label
  • Meet applicable requirements
  • Create and maintain relevant technical documentation
  • Complete your Northern Ireland Declaration of Conformity

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