WEEE Directive and Product Markings

When Your Electrical Products are Sold in Europe
The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive is the European Community directive 2002/96/EC on waste electrical and electronic equipment which, became European law in February 2003. (Note that this was revised in 2012 and became effective in February 2014 as directive 2012/19/EU). The WEEE directive sets collection, recycling and recovery targets for all types of electrical goods with the purpose of dramatically reducing the amount of harmful waste materials that are placed into landfills each year. This problem of increasing amounts of hazardous waste in landfills was (and continues to be) the result of a combination of an ever-increasing number of electronic devices being produced and the decreasing lifespan of these products.

From a product manufacturer’s perspective, the WEEE directive is important because it makes it the responsibility of “producers” to assist in the collection, recycling and recovery of the electronic equipment product’s hazardous materials at the end of its life. “Producers” is defined by the directive as the product’s manufacturer, sellers, and distributors. The WEEE directive obliges all EU member states to transpose its provisions into their national law. As the national transposition of the WEEE directive varies between the member states, a patchwork of requirements and compliance solutions has emerged across Europe.


Compliance You Can Count On
The WEEE and RoHS directives both make sense from a social responsibility point of view. Hazardous materials need to be disposed of properly to limit environmental pollution as much as possible. But the actual logistics of accomplishing the task of ensuring the proper disposal of electrical component parts after they leave the hands of producers takes an immense amount of planning. Clarion Safety’s role in this process is that we can supply you with the mark in the form of a label that you must use on your products (and components) which fall under the WEEE directive. This mark is very specific; it consists of an image of a crossed-out trash bin – a black graphic on a white background. It visually indicates to the owner of your product that it cannot be discarded for curbside pickup but instead must be turned in for environmentally sound disposal. We routinely customize WEEE labels to incorporate the company’s name and the date the product was manufactured. We carry standardized labels in a variety of sizes and use the best in labeling materials to help assure that these important identifiers don’t fall off, peel up, fade or fail during the course of your product’s useful life.

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