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For over 25 years, Clarion Safety Systems has been the premier company in its field, supplying its customers in over 180+ industries with the product safety labels and facility safety signs they need to reduce risk and protect people.

With over 50 million safety signs, labels and markings installed on products and in facilities around the globe, Clarion's products are doing their job and doing it exceptionally well. To our knowledge, no Clarion customer has had one of our safety signs or labels successfully challenged in a "failure to warn" or "inadequate warnings" lawsuit. Why?

  • Because our signs and labels are exceptionally well designed.
  • Because we lead the primary U.S. standards committee relevant to on-product warnings, facility safety signs, safety symbols and safety colors.
  • Because we lead the official U.S. delegation to the global ISO committee responsible for the international standards related to safety signs, product safety labels, safety symbols and safety colors.
  • Because our long term standards leadership informs the design of our products, making them up-to-date with the latest best-practice standards.
  • Because we use the best materials suitable for our customers’ need for long-term durability.
  • Because our ISO 9001-2015 certification stands behind our quality and our desire to please our customers.

Our long-term standards leadership gives us the knowledge needed to collaborate with you in the effort to create well-designed safety signs and labels meant to reduce risk and protect people. That’s our mission – it’s what we stand for; our customers know this. We look forward to working with you to accomplish this most important task.

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