How to Create Your Own QR Code Label

By Clarion Safety Systems | 14th Feb 2019

Custom QR Code Label

Why Use a QR Code Label?
There are many ways to convey warning, safety and instructional messages in both consumer and industrial settings. QR code labels are one of them. Incorporating QR codes into your labels is a convenient way to link viewers to additional information they may need to know. This can be useful both for safety labels on products and in workplaces, where you can link to online instructions and manuals, as well as for a variety of other industrial applications like ID and asset management needs to link to webpages, bulletins or other relevant data. Using QR codes eliminates the need for expensive barcode scanners; anyone with a smartphone has instant access to the information you’ve linked to.

How to Create Your Custom QR Code Label
Need to quickly create the right custom QR code label for your product or workplace? It’s fast and easy with Clarion Safety’s custom QR code label tool .

QR Code Label Demo

You can use an ANSI/ISO standard template – selecting a Danger, Warning, Caution or Notice QR code safety label template – or craft a label that’s completely specific to your company’s work using a general template .

As an example, let’s walk through the two steps you would take to customize your QR code label, if you’ve chosen a general template:

  1. Choose your QR code data: enter your QR code information (up to 50 characters) and the code is automatically generated. You can enter numeric, alphanumeric, or binary data.
  2. Choose your size and material: select from our top-selling size and material options.

Next, the Clarion Safety team will take care of all the printing and shipping work. And, the process is just as easy if you choose to create an ANSI/ISO safety label template, where you’ll just have a few additional design and content options.

Turn to Clarion Safety for All Your Custom Printing Needs
The Clarion Safety team is here to help with all of your custom printing needs, whether it’s related to instructional messages, identification or asset management, for the best communication possible. Learn more about our custom printing options – from serialization/ barcodes to nameplates/dataplates to asset tags and labels – and use our online customizer tools to quickly and easily create your labels.