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New ANSI Z535.3 Resources Available

Posted by Clarion Safety Systems | 1st Feb 2023

As product safety standards are changed and developed, our team at Clarion Safety Systems strives to provide news and learning resources. This month, of special interest for our U.S-based manufacturers, we’ve released an update explaining everything you need to know about ANSI Z535.3 – the ANSI standards focusing on Criteria for Safety Symbols. Our new content includes an online safety resources article and a downloadable fact sheet.

Learn More About the Latest ANSI Z535.3 Updates


ANSI Z535.3 Informative Updates
In late 2022, the ANSI Z535.3 standard was updated, along with ANSI Z535.1 and ANSI Z535.5. The Z535.2, Z535.4, and Z535.6 standards are still pending their updated publications for early this year in 2023. This marks the first time many of the standards in the ANSI Z535 family have been reviewed and updated in more than 10 years. In regards to the Z535.3 symbol standard, we offer a deeper look into the following:

  • Origins of the Z535.3 Safety Standard
  • The Image and Graphic Scope of Z535.3
  • Four Types of Z535.3 Symbols
  • History of Safety Symbols
  • The Recent Updates and Changes to Z535.3

Visit our safety resource article to learn more about the above for your labels and signs.

Continued ANSI Leadership
Since 1992, we’ve had been a part of the leadership team for the development of the ANSI Z535 family of standards for presenting safety and accident prevention information. This includes the scope of U.S standards for safety colors, signs, symbols, labels, tags, and safety information in manuals. Our director of standards compliance, Angela Lambert, currently serves as the chair of ANSI Z535.1, and as a member of the ANSI Z535 committee.

Additional Resources for Manufacturers
Our free downloadable ANSI Z535.3 factsheet was developed to go hand-in hand with its new  online safety resources – which include more research on the standard, along with other ANSI resources throughout the library – that help manufacturers better understand ANSI and ISO as a whole.

Along with these new educational resources, we also offer free label review services which include evaluating a current or future products’ labeling system and providing recommendations on consolidation opportunities as well as how to harmonize the ANSI and ISO standards for the application at hand. An additional service offered by our team of experts is our comprehensive machinery and equipment risk assessments. These assessments are intended for manufacturers in all stages of product design and development, including the initial stages of the design cycle, the final development of the product, and after placement on the market. If you have any questions about ANSI or ISO labeling standards,  reach out to our team today!

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