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Z535.6 Audit Checklist: A Deep Dive into ANSI Z535.6 Compliant Manuals

Posted by Clarion Safety Systems | 6th May 2024

When it comes to product manuals, incomplete or confusing instructions can lead to decreased customer satisfaction, increased support calls, and potential safety issues. That's where the ANSI Z535.6 standard comes in. It’s an important benchmark and guideline into developing effective, best practice instruction manuals.

Now available from our team at Clarion Safety is a new whitepaper: "Understanding ANSI Z535.6: A Guide to Safety Information in Product Manuals and Materials." This new piece is a quick guide outlining what ANSI Z535.6 is and why it was developed. It also offers a primer into why and how you can meet today’s ANSI/ISO best practices.

ANSI Z535.6: The Cornerstone of Clear Communication
Developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the Z535.6 standard establishes a set of guidelines for creating clear, comprehensive, and user-friendly instructions for products. By adhering to these guidelines, you can help ensure that your manuals are:

  • Easy to Understand: Utilizing a clear and concise writing style, logical organization, and appropriate visuals, users can find the information they need quickly and effortlessly.
  • Safe: Crucial safety information is prominently displayed, using clear warnings and hazard symbols to help prevent potential accidents or injuries.
  • Comprehensive: All necessary instructions for operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting the product are included.
  • Multi-Region Specific: The standard encourages considering diverse user needs and cultural backgrounds to ensure clear communication across borders and demographics where multiple languages are spoken.

What You'll Find in Our Z535.6 Whitepaper:
Our comprehensive whitepaper is a great downloadable companion piece to our recent resource article on Z535.6. Our whitepaper delves deeper into ANSI Z535.6 and steps to take to develop best practice, effective instruction manuals. Here's a look at the valuable insights you'll gain:

  • A Breakdown of the Standard: We provide a primer into understanding ANSI Z535.6, along with its historical significance in the ANSI Z535 family of standards.
  • Crafting User-Friendly Content: Learn best practices for writing clear and concise instructions, using effective visuals, and structuring your manual for optimal usability.
  • Safety First Approach: Discover how to effectively integrate safety information into your manuals, helping users to be more aware of potential hazards and how to operate the product safely with accompanying warnings outside a manual.
  • Safety Manual Checklist: Access a helpful checklist to help gauge how effective your manuals are, and whether or not to consider a review or update.

Download Your Free Copy Today!
Dedicating time and resources to developing clear and informative manuals is an investment in your users' satisfaction and safety, as well as your company's success. Download your free copy of "Understanding ANSI Z535.6: A Guide to Safety Information in Product Manuals and Materials" and take the first step towards creating manuals that empower your users and elevate safety.

Your Partner in Effective, Compliant Warnings & Instructions
Don't let unclear or non-compliant manuals leave your users vulnerable or expose your company to potential liability risk. Here are Clarion Safety, we can help you create manuals that prioritize safety and compliance. Our team of safety experts is well-versed in ANSI Z535.6, and other relevant standards like ISO 20607. We assess your manuals in line with today’s best practices and the latest ANSI/ISO standards to determine optimization needs. Ask about our machinery safety manual audit services by submitting our inquiry form or giving us a call today.

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