ANSI Z535 and How it Revolutionized the Field of On-Product Warnings

By Bethany Savage | 25th Sep 2015

NEMAWhen the U.S. standard for product safety labels, ANSI Z535.4 Standard for Product Safety Signs and Labels, was published in 1991, it gave manufacturers the tool they needed to develop good product warnings that could more effectively communicate safety messages, helping to prevent accidents.

In a new podcast series with NEMA, Clarion’s CEO Geoffrey Peckham, and chair of the ANSI Z535 Committee for Safety Signs and Colors, explains how the standard met the requirements of manufacturers across industries and products and how its practical rules for content have led to today’s best practice labels.

NEMA Electroindustry Podcast

You can listen in to the interview on NEMA’s  NEMAcast website or on Clarion’s company YouTube channel.

The NEMAcast podcast program focuses on up-to-the-minute news, information and opportunities of interest to the electroindustry – and we’re excited to be a part of it and help share news on the latest standards and best practices.

Stay tuned next week for part two of this podcast series, which explores ISO 3864-2 and the need for a harmonized system of product safety labels.