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How to Create Your Own Custom Voltage Identification Label

Posted by Clarion Safety Systems | 20th Aug 2020


Every year, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, there are approximately 1,000 deaths as a result of electrical injuries. Of these fatalities, roughly 400 are due to high voltage-related accidents. Additionally, there are at least 30,000 nonfatal shock incidents yearly, and about 5% of all burn unit admissions in the U.S. occur as a result of electrical injuries. In adults, the majority of these incidents occur in workplace settings and are the fourth-leading cause of deaths on the job regardless of industry.

What can be done to reduce the amount of workplace injuries and fatalities caused by electrical equipment? Controlling and reducing exposure to occupational hazards is essential to minimizing risk. Properly designed and applied safety labels are an important consideration. They visually alert employees and subcontractors of electrical-related health and safety hazards, reminding and reinforcing safe behavior. Read on to learn more about the critical need to supply equipment users with specific voltage identification markers and how to create a custom voltage label online with our easy-to-use product designer.

Taking Measures to Prevent Hazards
When potentially harmful voltage and electrical hazards are present on equipment, it’s the responsibility of business owners and product manufacturers to make this fact apparent. Energized, high voltage equipment, including power transformers, switchgears, control equipment and insulators, inherently pose dangers and warrant the use of voltage labels to help keep people alert and safe during operation. When voltage hazards are not avoided or made apparent, injuries can occur which can include mild to severe burns, multiple organ failure and death. The use of prominently displayed voltage labels signifies the amount of voltage running through your equipment and allows users to prepare for safe handling, ultimately helping to minimize the risk of potential injury.

Custom Voltage Labels to Keep People Safe
Sometimes, off-the-shelf voltage identification markers are not sufficient enough to adequately warn of voltage hazards. In these cases, designing a custom voltage label provides the ability to highlight voltage information with exact detail specific to your equipment, helping to avoid confusion and hazard interaction. In just a few short steps, see how effortless it is to customize your own voltage label with Clarion Safety’s ‘Design Your Own’ online tool:

  1. Enter your specific voltage information. Our product designer allows up to four digits to be included on the label (example: 5000 Volts). Voltage information is printed in black text overtop a vivid orange background.
  2. Select your materials. Our available options include durable indoor and outdoor polyester made from the highest quality 3M materials. Both polyesters offer high performance, provide excellent chemical resistance and are designed to last in the most demanding scenarios. Our indoor polyester is suited for environments ranging from -40 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit while our outdoor polyester performs well in climates ranging from -40 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Both polyesters are compliant with RoHS, CRoHS and REACH standards and have been developed and tested to be resistant to abrasive chemical washdowns, water, heat and ultraviolet light.
  3. Choose your label size. Custom voltage identification labels are available in 2.00” x 0.50” sizing with .063 radius corners.

Our custom voltage identification labels are built using strong adhesive backing to ensure that they stick to nearly any surface and stay there, providing long-term visibility and electrical safety awareness. They meet OSHA and ANSI standards and are UL® recognized for meeting the strictest industry standards.

If you need a different size or material than the standard options shown, our customer service team is happy to help meet your needs. We have many size and material options available.

Custom Voltage Label Designer

A Full Range of Custom Solutions to Meet Your Needs
At Clarion Safety, we’re dedicated to providing a full array of quality custom printing solutions to meet your safety, branding and identification challenges — from voltage identification to Prop 65 compliance. Our custom product line is continuously expanding to keep up with evolving industry demands. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch with our experienced customer service team. We’re happy to work hand in hand to design the best practice markers you need to stay in compliance and keep people safe.

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