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New Machinery & Eh&S Services Are Here!

Posted by Clarion Safety Systems | 14th Dec 2022

At Clarion Safety, you likely know us for our core safety label products, as well as for our facility safety sign and custom industrial printing capabilities. What you might not be as familiar with is that we also provide comprehensive machine safety, compliance, and risk assessment services for OEM and EH&S customers. This is offered in part through the expertise of Machine Safety Specialists (MSS), a Clarion Safety Systems company, and a leading machine safety and compliance consulting practice.

Bringing MSS’ machinery safety services into our already existing ones here at Clarion Safety Systems has allowed us to expand our options to you, our customers – whether you’re a machine builder or machine user.

Now, we’re making it easier than ever to browse and learn about ALL these services that we have to offer: we’ve launched a new “Services & Solutions” hub on ClarionSafety.com. As part of that, we help you to clearly navigate the machine safety solutions that we offer for OEMs and for workplaces/EH&S professionals.

Safety Services for Original Equipment Manufacturers
Available specifically for our OEM customers, we’ve created a hub of machine builder-focused services and solutions. These are opportunities for product safety professionals and safety engineers to receive expert consults and advice for their products related to both domestic and international standards. These services are designed to be applied to any stage of a product’s lifecycle, from early design to a go-to-market strategy, or even products already in circulation and use. Our offerings include:

  • Product Risk Assessments
  • Labels & Warnings Reviews
  • Machinery Manuals Audits & Design
  • CE/UKCA/UKNI Compliance Mark Consulting
  • Product Safety Consulting (Regulatory, Liability, and Manuals)

We understand that everyone’s needs are different, which is why each of these services are completely customizable – and we work hand in hand to determine your exact needs.

Safety Services for EH&S and Facility Professionals
Similarly, we have a hub specifically to meet the needs of our workplace safety professional/EHS customers. Many of today’s workplaces struggle with simple, effective solutions for machinery safety and compliance challenges. Now, Clarion Safety, through our subsidiary MSS, can help with detailed answers and clear guidance on OSHA machine guarding, risk assessment, functional safety, and safety training needs. Our seasoned, certified safety engineers work with EH&S personnel (from safety teams to controls engineers to plant managers) to understand and comply with safety regulations. We can assist with complex machinery as well as robots/cobots/automated machinery, fluid power safety systems, and functional safety systems.

Our offerings include:

  • Risk Assessment Programs (TÜV Lead)
  • Machine Safeguarding
  • Functional Safety/Control Reliability
  • Machine Safety Training (In-Person/Online)

All of our safety engineers are TÜV certified and experienced with applicable U.S. and international safety standards, meaning we can provide you with the highest level of expertise and clear answers for your machine safety, compliance, and risk assessment questions.

Label and Sign Product Services
Also to keep in mind, in addition to our machine assessment and consulting solutions, we offer a wide range of services that complement our standard label and sign products and custom industrial printing capabilities.

Our safety label and safety sign-related services include:

  • Label & Sign Assessments
  • Label & Sign Translations
  • Label & Sign Kits
  • Label & Sign Consolidation
  • Label & Sign Customization
  • Military Grade Solutions
  • Nameplates & Dataplates
  • Specialized Material Options

Many of these options are offered alongside the products you see throughout our website, with nearly anything being eligible for creation or customization. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to ask us – we can very likely meet your need!

Our Journey to Offering Comprehensive Machine Safety and Risk Services
As a company, we’ve come a long way from our founding, over three decades ago, in our chosen niche of designing and manufacturing product safety labels in line with the soon to be published ANSI Z535.4 standard. Today, we’re proud to be able to say that we meet the needs of over 15,000 clients all around the world, who take advantage of our physical label and sign products, consulting services, and digital product management solution, ClarionAccess®. And, we’ll continue to be dedicated to evolving to meet your comprehensive needs. If you have a question about our products, services, or how we can help advance safety, compliance, and efficiency, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Online Quote Request Options

Need a quote for our sign, label and tag products? Our customer service team is standing by to hear from you via phone, online chat or email! For your convenience, we also have two options you can use to submit your request quickly and easily online:

Option 1: Cart-to-quote Tool

Generate a quote for all of the items in your shopping cart. Simply add items to your online shopping cart and then click the "Get Quote for Cart Items" button in the cart preview dropdown or at the bottom of the cart page.

This option works great for both standard and custom products that are available for purchase on our website.

Option 2: Quote Request Form

Request a quote by typing in the product part number(s) or a description of the custom part(s). You can also upload RFQ-related documentation, such as a drawings and specification sheets.

This option works great for products not available for purchase on our website and for complex quotes.