Video: Effective Labels – The Jarvis Products Corporation Story

By Bethany Stadelmann | 28th Jan 2015

Why are top-quality design and materials, as well as knowledge of U.S. and international safety standards, key in creating product safety labels that help to protect people and reduce risk?

Take a look at our quick, 2-minute video "The Power of Effective Warning Labels: The Jarvis Products Corporation Story" to find out!

In the video, Ken Sachar, engineering manager at Jarvis Products Corporation, a meat processing machinery manufacturer, explains the challenges of product safety labeling for its tools, including warning both domestically and internationally. Adherence to the latest standards and choosing the proper materials are top considerations.

"In order for the tools to work, they have to be dangerous; they're cutting, they're chopping and they're sawing. And when we're warning, we're not just warning Americans. We're warning anybody how to safely operate the tools," says Sachar, a client of Clarion's. He goes on to explain how his company has relied on Clarion's leadership in visual safety communication and materials expertise to create product warnings that communicate safety and withstand their products' particularly harsh environment-of-use conditions.

Here at Clarion, we specialize in working with our clients to develop labels that meet and exceed current standards, address unique material and size requirements and convey needed safety messages. Learn more in the customization resources section of our site, or reach out to us for any specific questions that we can help with.

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