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Our History

From Our Founding in 1990…

Clarion Safety Systems was founded in 1990 in Alpena, MI by Geoffrey Peckham. First named Hazard Communication Systems, Inc. (we changed our name in 2007), our chosen niche was the design and manufacture of safety labels for product manufacturers that would meet the then yet-to-be published ANSI Z535.4 Standard for Product Safety Signs and Labels. Mr. Peckham correctly recognized that this new standard would provide manufacturers with a viable framework on which to base decisions regarding the content and format of their products' safety labels. The new standard was both a breakthrough and a necessity. Manufacturers were facing an ever increasing threat of products liability litigation, especially in the area of on-product warnings. Before ANSI Z535.4, there was no recognized state-of-the art for product safety labels and any decision a manufacturer made with regards to their warnings could be challenged if a lawsuit arose claiming “inadequate warnings.” In 1991, Clarion began to change that picture. The ANSI Z535.4 standard was published and Clarion began using it to effectively help product manufacturers improve their on-product warnings. In a relatively short amount of time, Clarion was designing and manufacturing safety labels for hundreds and then thousands of commercial and industrial equipment manufacturers.

In 2009, Clarion expanded its product line to include environmental and facility safety signs. Nearly all workplaces, public areas and privately owned facilities have a need to communicate safety effectively and yet their signage is out-of-date compared to today’s best practices. Clarion began to change this by:

  • Leading the revision of the ANSI Z535.2 Standard for Environmental and Facility Safety Signs
  • Leading OSHA to change its regulations for safety signs and tags to reference the 2011 ANSI Z535 standards
  • Developing a new set of standardized facility safety signs and tags for all types of industries
  • Creating a special set of new safety signs for use in aquatic environments (e.g. pools, beaches, waterparks)
  • Continuing to work with safety conscious companies to develop new signage to meet their specific safety communication requirements

In the 25 years since our founding, we’ve served the needs of tens of thousands of product manufacturers and facility owners in over 180 industries.

Learn more about our standards expertise, including our history with ANSI, ISO and SEMI.


…To Our Headquarters Today!
Visitors to Clarion often remark on the beauty of our building and its interior. Though we’re a manufacturer at root, we are also a company with a high level of design competency.

When Mr. Peckham was met with the need to provide for an ever-growing staff, he wanted our new headquarters to be more than just a building; it needed to be an inspiration in itself, a building that reflected the high quality of our work and our unique design capabilities – and a place that would be a wonderful working environment for our employees to serve our customers.

So in 2001, we began the design and subsequent construction of a new headquarters building located in Milford, Pennsylvania. A word about Milford: it's a small town situated where the states of Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey meet. It's a beautiful location, adjacent to the Delaware River, set in the northern edge of the Pocono Mountains in some of the most pristine State and National wilderness on the East coast. It's also 90 minutes from NYC's international airports, making it strategically well-suited to the domestic and international travel Clarion staff regularly take in the service of our customers, the standards, and industry in general.

Completed in 2004, Clarion’s headquarters building was designed by Kyle Kinsman of Kinsman Lewis Architects of Wilkes-Barre, PA. Its long horizontal structure and wide board channel lock cedar siding is a nod towards Frank Lloyd Wright's “Usonian” period. Using native Pennsylvania bluestone, glass, wood, stainless steel and custom-made dark-aggregate concrete block, the building's materials and elongated shape blend nicely with its tree-filled natural setting. Its high-located and mid-level windows were purposefully planned to flood the interior with natural light – giving employees a vibrant atmosphere even in the depths of winter.

On the inside, the offices and meeting spaces are anything but standard. Solid natural wood surfaces, made from recycled timbers (oak, walnut and pine) were used for most desk surfaces and shelving. Purple Steelcase Leap chairs and classic black Herman Miller Aeron chairs are used by Clarion's staff, giving them the best in ergonomic seating.

All things considered, we love our headquarters building. And we love our large manufacturing facilities, located on the hill just above our headquarters. It’s here that we produce over 95% of what we sell. You see, we’re not only committed to giving you, our customer, the highest quality signs and labels; we’re committed to providing good American jobs. Like many of you, we take pride in saying our products are “MADE IN THE USA”!

If you're ever in the area and want to stop by, just give us a call. We'd love to show you around!

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