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Team of Consultants: Patricia Robinson

As workplaces and the field of safety have grown, Clarion Safety Systems has been able to grow along with it. From our founding more than thirty years ago as a manufacturer of product safety labels, we now also offer a full range of workplace safety signs, as well as complementary services for comprehensive machine safety, compliance, and risk reduction. It’s a privilege to know that our products, services, and ideas touch the lives not only of the 15,000+ clients we serve, but make a difference in the safety of countless other individuals around the world. We credit our strength and growth to our roots in best practices and standards leadership – in combination with the character of our people and a forward-thinking approach to managing our business.

Meet a few of the leaders in our organization: top executives, industry professionals, and safety standards experts that we’re proud to be able to call a part of the Clarion Safety family.

  • Member of ANSI B11.19
  • Member of ANSI B11.16
  • Member of ANSI B11.16

Dr. Patricia A. Robinson

Product Safety and Manual Compliance Specialist

Dr. Patricia A. Robinson brings more than 35 years of experience in product safety consulting and training to the Clarion Safety team, particularly in the area of warnings and instructions. She is the author of “Writing and Designing Manuals and Warnings” (4th edition), as well as other books and articles.

Pat has helped more than one hundred national and international companies improve their warnings and instructions, addressing safety issues in a wide variety of consumer and industrial products ranging from infant car seats to high-wall coal-mining machines. She brings a unique blend of skills and experience to her consulting. She began her work in instructions and warnings on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering.

In addition to developing a curriculum and teaching technical communication courses, she helped develop the UW’s Technical Communication Certificate program for continuing education courses in technical communication, including product documentation – and served as its first program director. She continues to lecture regularly at product safety conferences and seminars.

Pat has also provided expert testimony by deposition and at trial in product liability cases involving allegations of failure to warn or failure to provide adequate instructions. She is a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, IEEE, and the ANSI Z535.6 subcommittee, the standards that focuses on product safety information in product manuals, instructions, and other collateral materials.

In The Industry:

Dr. Robinson has been a consultant for customers of Clarion Safety Systems for many years. In addition to this she has provided numerous interviews and guidance to our editorial team on the intricacies of manual writing and development for manufactured products.

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