22-964 Rev. 12-03H

22-964 Rev. 12-03H
22-964 Rev. 12-03H
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Safety Instructions/Conveyor
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Word Message:
CONVEYOR INSTRUCTIONS 1. Only a trained person is to be permitted to operate a conveyor. Training should include instruction in operation under normal conditions and emergency situations. 2. Where safety is dependent upon stopping devices or starting devices or both, they are to be kept free of obstructions that could endanger personnel. 3. The areas around loading and unloading points are to be kept clear of obstructions that could endanger personnel. 4. No person shall ride on conveyor. 5. Personnel working on or near a conveyor shall be instructed as to the location and operation of pertinent stopping devices. 6. This conveyor is to be used to transport only loads it is designed to handle safely. 7. Under no circumstances are the safety characteristics of this conveyor to be altered if such alterations would endanger personnel. 8. Routine inspections and corrective/ preventative maintenance measures are to be conducted to ensure that all guards and safety features are retained and function properly.¬ 9. All personnel are to be alerted to the potential hazard of entanglement in conveyors caused by items such as long hair, loose clothing, and jewelry. 10. As a general rule this conveyor is not to be cleaned while in operation. Where proper cleaning requires the conveyor to be in motion and a hazard exists, personnel should be made aware of the associated hazard.



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