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    Custom Prop 65 Sign
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    Description: California Proposition 65 (known more commonly as Prop 65) requires companies that do business in California provide warnings before causing significant exposure to chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity. That often means creating custom warning signs for your workplace or public environment.

    The Clarion Safety Systems Custom Product Designer Tool allows you to easily create your own custom Prop 65 safety sign, including the exact message right for your application as well as the particular chemical needed to be warned about. These custom signs include a ‘Warning’ header and symbol, as well as the Proposition 65 warnings website,, needed for compliance. Creating your sign is as simple as adding your word message and Prop 65 chemical, and then selecting a sign size and material. Choose from three sign sizes as well as from our three most popular quality material options: indoor white plastic (BJ) material, outdoor white aluminum (BE) or flexible polyester (ZA).

    Meet your Prop 65 compliance requirements now. Use our Custom Product Designer Tool to create your sign that follows the exact standards set forth in the law, helping you to avoid a penalty as high as $2,500 per violation per day. Benefit from our fast turnaround times and high quality safety products that are made in the U.S.A. Custom signs typically ship within 5 business days. Bulk price break are available to help you meet the best cost structures. Please contact us with any questions on Prop 65 compliance or our custom signs.

    Signal Word: Warning

    For signs that are 69 square inches and lower: .125" corner radius
    For signs that are 70 square inches and higher: .25" corner radius

    For signs that are 69 square inches and lower: .125" holes
    For signs that are 70 square inches and higher: .188" holes

    Bulk Pricing: Price breaks are available up to 25 pieces. For quantities of 50 or more, reach out to us for additional price breaks.

    Availability: Custom signs typically ship within 5 business days

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