RoHS Directive

RoHS stands for the Restriction of Hazardous Substances, otherwise known as Directive 2002/95/EC. This directive, originating in the European Union, exists to minimize the harmful environmental impacts made by waste in electrical and electronic equipment. Heavy metals such as lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), and mercury (Hg), as well as brominated flame retardants, phlatates, and chromium, are restricted substances, and only a certain concentration of them is allowed during the manufacture of equipment. RoHS compliance labels are only to be used on equipment that has passed the requirements set. Under the EU RoHS directive, manufacturers must declare compliance with the CE mark. They differ according to the hazardous material and the concentration used. Our assortment of labels are available in a variety of sizes and are made with the quality materials to ensure that they don’t fade, peel, or fall off.

According to the China RoHS articles, products must be labeled accordingly with:

1. Names, content levels, and recyclability of harmful materials (article 12)

2. Recyclability (fully, partially and non-recyclable, article 12)

3. Product safety periods (date range product is safe to use) (article 13)

For China RoHS, the Environmentally Friendly Use Period (EFUP) label or the green ‘e’ label, along with the content and names of hazardous substances must be disclosed either within product instructions or included as a separate document. For China RoHS requirements, there are no exemptions for labeling compliance, although for the EU RoHS, exemptions are allowed on products where these dangerous chemicals are deemed essential. Areas that these include are products for use in space, military items, large industrial tools, permanent solar panels, transport vehicles, medical devices, and research and development equipment. 

Clarion Safety’s line of RoHS labels indicate the presence, and how much, of the hazardous materials listed, and comply exactly with the RoHS directives from both Europe and China. Our labels include material specific information, including ‘Pb free’ and ‘contains lead’ markings. If you need help with regulatory or compliance marking, visit our Clarion Safety Assessment services for machinery safety and risk consulting services.