Indication Labels

Clarion Safety’s indication labels are used to convey specific, precise information related to the safe operation and maintenance of your equipment so it can properly perform its functions. Examples include ratings for maximum oil pressure, air pressure, hydraulic pressure, lubrication points, oil levels, and lockout points. Communicating this information on your equipment, where the viewer needs to see it, is an important part of identification and ensuring that accidents that could damage the equipment and/or injure people are avoided. 

A majority of these equipment labels are produced on high-quality indoor polyester with premium 3M acrylic backings, which allows for high performance against humidity, chemicals, and solvents. Our labels meet ANSI standards for safety compliance and are designed according to their ANSI Z535.1 safety colors requirements. If you need a label or identification tag not listed, feel free to use our customization tools or contact us for additional printing services.