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Serialization Capabilities and Barcodes


Unique Information and Clear Communication
Today, product manufacturers often need safety labels and identification markings that each have unique information printed on them, with each individual label being different from another. In the past, this was a difficult and expensive task to accomplish. But printing technology now makes it possible to accommodate this new expectation for clear communication. Serialization labels can help your business track assets and the repair and warranty required on those products. Key information can be embedded in a serial number so customers and employees have quick access to things such as manuals and instructions.  This can result in lower overhead costs and less time on training and labor due to fast recognition and implementation of data.

Clarion Safety-Customized Serialized Labels
Clarion Safety can supply all of your custom serialized safety label and identification label needs! We routinely produce high-quality, individualized, custom serialized, overlaminate, die-cut labels for a wide variety of applications. Some are safety-related, like individualized arc flash labels. Others are more information-based, like dataplates and nameplates, and barcodes. Your need for accurate, unique-to-each label information is what will drive our digital production department, manufacturing exactly what you require.

Order Serialized Labels or Signs in Four Easy Steps by Specifying:

  • What you want your label to look like (we have templates available).
  • What information is fixed (will not change).
  • What fields are to have variable data (data that will change for each sign or label).
  • What quantity you require and your choice of materials. Our most popular materials include:
    • 3M polyester base material with clear polyester overlaminate (our premium quality standard "P" material).
    • 3M polyester base material with clear velvet textured Lexan® polycarbonate overlaminate (our "4" material, for improved scratch resistance).
    • 3M polyester base material with clear 3M weatherable overlaminate (our "B" material, for improved outdoor durability).

What are the Types of Industry Barcodes?
Barcodes are a crucial element in nearly every sector of industry because of their versatility. Barcodes present a visual, machine-readable representation of data that’s useful for asset and security tracking to organization and inventory management. Your industry, intended use, and required adherence may dictate the specific type of barcode format to use. Common barcode formats include:

  • UPC barcode labels are often used in retail and on commercial products, helping to keep track of brands in the global supply chain.
  • Code 128 barcode labels are used worldwide in the shipping and packaging industries.
  • EAN-13 (GTIN) barcode labels, also known as GTIN-13 barcodes; European Article Number or EAN, are used in global trade to identify a specific retail product type from a manufacturer.
  • Code 39 barcode labels are often used in transportation, such as for labeling shipping containers, as well as for distinguishing inventory or identifying name badges.
  • ITF-14 barcode labels, generally associated with asset management, are used to identify cartons or shipping containers with products that have UPC numbers.
  • MSI barcode labels, also known as modified Plessey barcodes, are mainly used in inventory control, marking storage containers and shelves in warehouse environments.
  • Pharmacode barcode labels, also known as Pharmaceutical Binary Code, are used in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry for online security control of the pharmaceutical packaging process.

What are Data Matrix Barcodes?
Clarion Safety can add any one of 30 different types of barcodes to your signs and labels, including “data matrix” barcodes. A data matrix barcode is a two-dimensional design consisting of a unique pattern of black and white squares that encodes a tremendous amount of data. With the capacity of holding over 800 characters of information (depending on the size requirements of the matrix), these codes function as a unique identifier and are now required for most military contracts. What is particularly interesting about this form of symbolic coding is that even if a good portion of the label is destroyed, a large amount of data can still be read. The use of these code labels can give each of your individual parts or products a specific, unique identifier. 

We offer an impressive selection of custom barcode labels that include UPC barcode labels, Code 128 barcode labels, EAN-13 (GTIN) barcode labels, Code 39 barcode labels, ITF-14 barcode labels, pharma code barcode labels, and MSI barcode labels. Our range of customization options also allows you to choose varieties with or without serialization for the majority of these formats.

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