Emergency Stop Legend Plates

Clarion Safety’s emergency stop (also known as E-Stop) legend plates and labels keep users and machinery safe with a failsafe control to stop the machine without creating any additional hazards or interfering with the performance of the machine. ISO’s standard on emergency stop functions requires emergency stop buttons and label designs on all machines except for hand-held or hand-operated machines and those where an emergency stop would not reduce the risk.

EMO yellow backplates comply with EN 60204 and NFPA 79; as both standards require emergency stop buttons to have a yellow background panel behind the red stop button. The use of symbols on labels and signs is important for safety communication; symbol only formats are a consideration, especially in international workplaces so that they can be understood by a wide variety of audiences and do not need to be translated. Backplates can often be paired with nearby signs to ensure maximum comprehension in the workplace.  Our high-quality chemical and scratch-resistant velvet-textured polycarbonate backplates satisfy this requirement and meet IEC 60073 Coding Principles for Indicators and Actuators.