Guard Switch and Light Curtain Labels

Today’s machinery is often designed with sophisticated machine control guards, interlocks, limit switches, and light curtains to prevent human interaction with potential hazards. But guards and covers get removed or are left open, interlocks and light curtains get bypassed, and programmable controllers are modified. Clarion Safety developed this set of safety labels to call attention to the important role these safety devices play in preventing accidents. 

Safety light curtains protect personnel around machines by reducing the need for solid guards and simplify the setup, maintenance, and repair processes. Light curtain switches must be located outside and within view of the protected area to prevent any unanticipated startups. Guard labels can be placed on and inside of doors, inside of panels, next to on/off switches, and underneath guards. These bring attention to the fact that a guard has been removed and needs to be replaced prior to operation.

Select from multi-symbol and text, symbol only, symbol and text, and text-only formatted labels, available in both indoor and outdoor formats.  If our guard switch and light curtain labels are close but not exactly what you’re looking for, you can use our online design your own tool or contact our team of safety professionals to customize your own labels, signs, and tags.