Hot Stuff (And Warnings)

By Erin Earley | 13th Sep 2012

"Caution – Hot" is a commonly posted safety message. Warning about heat may seem simple, but when it comes to communicating about this hazard effectively, there are a number of items to take into consideration:

  • Symbols. Graphical symbols are a critical tool in communicating safety. Not only can symbols convey messages quickly, they have the ability to transcend language barriers. Whether you choose to use the ISO symbol for "Warning Hot Surface" or an alternative symbol, product safety labels should use standardized graphical symbols which are based on global safety standards and best practice design principles.
  • Word messages. The word message on your safety label should be complete and fully indicate the nature of the hazard, the consequences of interaction with the hazard, and how to avoid the hazard.
  • Materials durability. Label materials durability is very important to take into account when it comes to labeling products for hot surfaces. Why? Because, simply put, heat can destroy things. Safety labels must be durable to withstand their expected environment of use.

Burn Hazard - Anodized Heat Safety Label
One of our specialized materials, Clarion uses anodized aluminum labels and plates when
a safety message must be placed directly on a hot surface.

Read the Clarion "On Your Mark" article featured in the latest issue of In Compliance Magazine to learn more about hot stuff – and warnings. Authored by Clarion CEO Geoffrey Peckham, "On Your Mark" is a regular series of columns that explores graphical symbols and how they're used to convey safety messages. Stay tuned here on the Clarion Safety Systems blog for more articles in this series. Have a suggestion for a future article topic on this subject that you're curious about and would like to see discussed? Comment below and let us know!