Safety Label and Sign Kits – A New Custom Solution

By Erin Earley | 7th Jan 2013

Clarion Safety Labels - Custom SolutionsIt's a new year in safety – and a perfect time to try new Clarion solutions and services designed to make purchasing safety products to protect your people and your business even easier!

One example: custom label and sign kits. Custom kits are purchasing tools that allow you to create one complete package of all the labels or signs needed for a specific product, piece of equipment, or area in your facility.

Why choose kits? Here are a few of the benefits:

  • We can help you build kits to fit your exact ordering needs – choose standard or custom designs, different materials or sizes, and even combine labels and signs.
  • Simplify ordering and inventory management, providing cost savings.
  • Improve safety by ensuring each essential label or sign is included in specific projects.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today! You can also view our custom capabilities to learn more about how Clarion safety signs and labels can meet your specific requirements.