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Safety Labeling Systems for the Defense Industry

8th Oct 2019

Defense Industry Safety Labels

Working for the Defense
There’s a lot to know and understand (and clearances required) to develop safety markings for our armed forces. Clarion Safety routinely provides safety labeling systems for a wide variety of military equipment, including missile defense systems, aerospace intelligence equipment, and defense communication products. Clarion Safety works closely with many of the world's premier defense contractors, among them Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, BAE Systems, Boeing, Rockwell Collins, Northrop Grumman, NASA and General Dynamics - all of which produce products for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). Clarion Safety works one-on-one with design engineers at each of these companies to develop safety and identification markings that deliver critical information, conform to current specifications and meet exact design criteria. All of these contractors place the highest value on people, integrity and commitment to excellence. And, we are proud to say, all of them choose Clarion Safety. 

Military and government personnel often work and train in some of the harshest land, water and aviation environments while carrying out their service duties. Extreme winds, high temperatures and rough waters are just some of the challenges regularly faced by the military. Despite these obstacles, keeping military personnel safe and aware of hazards is of utmost importance at all times. The need for durable, damage-resistant safety labels is critical. When a premier defense contractor decided they needed military-durable safety markings for their defense equipment, they made the right decision by relying on the industry’s leading safety company.

Clarion  Safety has been designing premium ANSI/ISO compliant safety markings for nearly thirty years, and our reputation as a leader in the safety industry is unsurpassed. Our experts are well versed in creating safety labels and products that meet strict government and military specifications. Designed to deliver critical safety information, Clarion Safety’s safety markings are made with durable adhesive materials and are heat, water, chemical and ultraviolet resistant – providing essential reliability for the military industry. Working closely together with our defense client to meet their unique safety labeling needs, Clarion Safety created a  custom safety labeling system, translated into several languages, for critical military equipment, including defense systems, intelligence equipment and communication products. We followed their specific military labeling requirement guidelines and provided a military compliant, best practice safety labeling system designed to keep personnel safe while performing their service duties. Reducing risk and protecting people is our most important priority, for the military industry and beyond. 

Do you have a unique challenge that requires a personalized or custom solution for the defense industry? Let Clarion Safety design a customized solution to fit your specific safety needs.  Contact us today to learn more!

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