Warning/Hard Hat Area Sign (OS1166WH-)

OS1166WH-_ _
OS1166WH-_ _
Item Description:
Warning Hard Hat Area Sign
Signal Word:
Text Only
Hazard Type:
No Hazard Type
Hazard Avoidance:
Wear Hard Hat
Hard Hat
Body Part:
No Body Part
Product Type:
Translation Services:
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Clarion Safety Systems brings you warning hard hat area safety signs (OS1166WH-) which are produced on premium plastic or aluminum material and are designed to meet your OSHA safety sign needs. 

OSHA currently only stipulates minimal requirements – the most basic level – for sign content and design. These simplified formats are common in today’s workplaces, but they’re not your only choice.

Currently Viewed Design

Meets OSHA Minimum Only

Best Practice Recommendation

Meets OSHA, ANSI and ISO
Provides Full Hazard Information
Uses Graphical Symbols

Maximize Safety Now!
Our best practice recommendation offers additional, critical detail for your safety sign, as it contains the latest criteria for state-of-the-art warnings. Clarion specializes in designing safety signs that are not only compliant with OSHA, but use the latest ANSI and ISO warnings technology.

Take Advantage of a Free Sign Evaluation
When you choose signs that are up-to-date with today’s ANSI and ISO best practices, you’re moving towards a safer, more productive work environment. We can help by evaluating an individual safety sign or all the signs throughout your workplace, ensuring effective communication using the latest best practices, as well as reducing visual clutter and supporting your organization's big picture safety and risk objectives.

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