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Danger/Watch Your Children Sign

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Word Message:
Watch your children closely. Drowning happens quickly. People drowning cannot call out for help. Keep children within arm's reach when in the water. No long underwater breath holding. Prolonged repetitive breath holding can be deadly. Doing so tells your body not to ask for oxygen, which can cause you to pass out and drown. 

Clarion Safety Systems brings you high quality danger watch your children safety signs (ITEM# WSS3209-19B-E) which are produced on premium plastic material and are expertly designed to meet your pool safety signs needs. 

Signal Word:


Listed below are our most common product water safety sign material and regulatory data sheets.

Material Application MaxTemp (°F) MinTemp (°F) Chemical Resistance RoHS CRoHS REACH Material Data Sheet Regulatory Data Sheet
(SO) Indoor Vinyl Plastic Indoor 140 32 Excellent Yes Yes Yes Material Data Sheet N/A
(S2) Outdoor Plastic Outdoor 140 32 Excellent Yes Yes Yes Material Data Sheet N/A
(S4) Outdoor Aluminum Outdoor 175 -40 Excellent Yes No Yes Material Data Sheet N/A
(PC) Safety Cone Indoor/Outdoor 150 0 Excellent No No No Material Data Sheet N/A
(CV) Safety Cone Sign Indoor/Outdoor 150 0 Good No No No Material Data Sheet N/A

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