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Reducing Risk, Protecting People

Waterpark Safety Signs


Risks at Waterparks

While water safety may not be top of mind for adults and children spending a fun-filled day at a waterpark, communicating safety is a high priority for owners and operators of parks. The goal: to reduce the risk of accidents.

A New Era in Waterpark Safety
Clarion Safety uses its expertise in global standards and safety symbol design to create customized waterpark safety sign systems that are highly visual in their presentation of important safety information. Working in close collaboration with your park’s risk management and operations staff, your new waterpark safety sign system will be designed to clearly communicate slide, ride, pool and beach safety rules specific to your park environment. The end result of these systems is that your guests have a more pleasant overall waterpark experience, and most importantly, they’re better protected from harm.

Better Protecting Your Patrons
Clarion Safety would like to help safeguard the guests at your waterpark. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

Case Study Example: Protecting Guests at the Evergreen Wings & Waves Waterpark
People genuinely pay attention to the safety messages at the new Evergreen Wings & Waves Waterpark near Portland, OR because the traditional "list of rules" signs were jettisoned. For example, the yellow “rules” sign in the background in the upper left photo served as the starting point for the new Clarion Safety symbol-based sign shown in the foreground. Each of the new Clarion Safety signs was designed using an innovative approach to communicating slide instructions, pool safety and hygiene rules. ANSI Z535 and ISO design rules were made to fit within the park’s aviation theme.

"As part of the new Evergreen Wings and Waves Waterpark, we knew that signage would play a critical role in the park’s safety. From safety to informational signage, it had to complement the educational theming of the park while conveying its message. To address this need, we decided to partner with Clarion Safety Systems. Clarion Safety’s method of conveying safety messages and their use of international symbols was the perfect fit for the park. Their ability to work within the Park’s unique environment and project requirements resulted in a signage package that met all of our safety needs and project schedules. Thank you, Clarion Safety, for being a great part of the Wings and Waves Waterpark."

- Hoffman Construction of Oregon


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