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Effective Safety Labeling for the Feed Industry

Posted by Bethany Savage | 24th Nov 2015

Effective warning labels are critical in the feed and grain industry where interaction between people and machinery is frequent, making the potential for injury possible. Moving parts present cutting and crushing hazards, conveyors present entanglement and falling hazards, and confined spaces pose a danger of asphyxiation. The good news: over the past two decades, the ANSI and ISO product safety label standards have evolved, enabling the creation of a new set of best practice equipment safety labels for the feed industry.

To learn more, read our CEO Geoffrey Peckham’s  guest column, “Effective Safety Labeling: Using the Development and Harmonization of the U.S. (ANSI Z535.4) and International (ISO-3864-2) Standards to Your Advantage,” featured in the American Feed Industry Association’s (AFIA) latest AFIA Journal.

AFIA, the world’s largest organization devoted exclusively to representing the business, legislative and regulatory interests of the U.S. animal feed industry and its suppliers, publishes its biannual Journal featuring up-to-date organization, industry and government information.

Clarion is a longstanding  industry partner of AFIA. The organization used Clarion’s standards expertise, practical experience and industry leadership to create state-of-the-art safety labels for the feed industry beginning in 2008. The AFIA/Clarion label program gives AFIA members access to a catalog of labels designed specifically for their needs.

Old and New Styles Labels

An example of an old-style AFIA label (at left) and the updated, best practice version (at right) that uses ISO design principles and graphics that are also compliant with the ANSI Z535 standards. The updated label is part of the AFIA/Clarion label program. (New label design ©Clarion Safety Systems).

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