New Clarion Resource Guide for Workplace Safety Signs, Labels, Tags and Markings

By Erin Earley | 13th Nov 2013

Do you have the resources you need to implement OSHA's new 2013 sign regulations? Clarion Resource Guide
We're here to help! Clarion has a new tool available: our Resource Guide for Workplace Safety Signs, Labels, Tags and Markings. The guide provides resources to help implement a best practice sign system, including Clarion's product catalog of state-of-the-art OSHA/ANSI signage.

In September 2013, OSHA updated its regulations to integrate the latest ANSI safety sign and tag technology – technology that better communicates safety in the workplace. Clarion's line of best practice safety signs, labels, tags and markings meet the latest OSHA regulation changes. And they more effectively protect your workers and your company's liability risk.

The Resource Guide offers:

  • An extended introduction with best practice guidelines for your facility or workplace
  • A catalog of Clarion's safety signage product line including: Security and Company Policy; Accident Prevention; Fire Equipment Location; Safety Equipment Location; and Egress Pathmarkings

Download the digital Resource Guide now, or contact us to request a print copy.