Mining Industry Labels, Signs and Tags

The underground world of mining is a treacherous one, if not for the constant reliable communication between cave dwellers about what to do and where to be. Miners are responsible for upholding the laws and regulations of private employers in conjunction with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). It would be a lot to study and memorize if not for the perpetual reliability of posted signs on the job site and labels and tags on mining equipment.

Mining signs might include policies for sorting mineral finds, danger warnings, safety equipment reminders and evacuation procedures. They might also provide detailed information about hazardous gases or substances that could pop up during routine digs. Because lighting can be scarce in a cave-like setting, the luminescence and color of important placards or signs is just as important to consider as their content. Clarion Safety Systems can help you to meet the regulations, standards and codes necessary for mining visual safety communication, for the overall safety of your staff. Proper signs, labels and tags go a long way in promoting a sense of security and confidence in employees.

Browse a snapshot of our high-quality, durable products for the mining industry, below. Don’t see what you’re looking for? With our depth of experience working with clients, we have a variety of additional products available, including full systems of labels, signs and tags. Reach out to us so that we can help with your specific needs – or create your own custom label, sign and tag online in three simple steps!