Notice Signs

OSHA’s safety sign requirements, 29 CFR 1910.145, have three classifications: danger signs, caution signs and safety instructions signs. There’s another category of signs to consider for your workplace: notice signs. OSHA allows for these types of signs as part of its regulation update in 2013, where it endorsed the latest best practice ANSI safety sign standards, which includes expanded format and design options. Clarion’s notice signs can help you keep employees and guests informed with messages that aren’t necessarily directly hazard-related but contain important safety information. We can help you clearly communicate at your workplace about issues like restricted areas, visitor policies, and loading dock instructions, and hygiene measures. With Clarion’s OSHA, ANSI and ISO sign design experience, we’re your partner to help ensure the most effective communication for your workplace. Contact our customer support specialists for guidance on your sign choice, customization assistance, or questions about placing an order.