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Industry Case Studies

Case Studies

For nearly three decades, we’ve made successful outcomes happen for countless standards-based safety sign and label initiatives.

A Partnership to Identify Label Solutions and Opportunities

When a U.S.-based manufacturer of industrial safety gates used throughout the world faced challenges related to their warnings and markings, they knew they needed to turn to a credible source for help – one knowledgeable in helping product manufacturers create legally adequate warnings that use the latest standards-based criteria. Familiar with Clarion Safety’s reputation in the industry, they asked to collaborate on labels for a safety gate product. The Clarion Safety team introduced our free-of-charge label assessment process, and through a tailored assessment, we helped to update our client’s label design for improved risk reduction and consolidate their labels for efficiency and cost-savings. With these solid results, they plan to make similar updates across their full product portfolio of gate products. Continue reading for an in-depth look at our client’s optimization story – and learn how our assessments may benefit your company and products.

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Best Practice Designs for Labels at Jarvis Products Corporation

Jarvis Products Corporation, a meat processing machinery manufacturer, has a lot of dangerous tools in their facility that need to function properly, because just like any other industry, if they do not function properly, injuries start to arise. With that being said, a proper label is needed for each tool to prevent these injuries. Every tool that Jarvis uses daily is cleaned at night with a caustic solution. But, corrosion comes with these cleaning chemicals which is a major issue in terms of ensuring label durability and visibility. Jarvis chose Clarion Safety because of the material types offered, in order to keep the ink from deteriorating from the labels and also because of Clarion Safety's knowledge of the ANSI and ISO standards.

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Safety Label Importance at Sturtevant, Inc.

Sturtevant, Inc., is a material-processing equipment manufacturer that builds crushing, grinding and air classification equipment to be used at food, pharmaceutical, chemical and mineral industries. The machines they build and create for these industries are very dangerous. For example, some of the machines are meant to crush materials such as rocks which can have dire consequences if people interact with the machines in unsafe ways. Sturtevant chose Clarion Safety to create best practice labels to help warn their product users of the dangers these machines could pose, all in the effort to increase safety.

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Working for the Defense

There’s a lot to know and understand (and clearances required) to develop safety markings for our armed forces. Clarion Safety routinely provides safety labeling systems for a wide variety of military equipment, including missile defense systems, aerospace intelligence equipment, and defense communication products. Clarion Safety works closely with many of the world's premier defense contractors, among them Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, BAE Systems, Boeing, Rockwell Collins, Northrop Grumman, NASA and General Dynamics - all of which produce products for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). Clarion Safety works one-on-one with design engineers at each of these companies to develop safety and identification markings that deliver critical information, conform to current specifications and meet exact design criteria. All of these contractors place the highest value on people, integrity and commitment to excellence. And, we are proud to say, all of them choose Clarion Safety.

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Willoughby Aquatics Safety Innovation

Lifeguards for the City of Willoughby Parks and Recreation department were performing an excessive amount of “pull-outs” each year – where a swimmer had to be physically pulled from the pool. The department introduced a four-point plan, including life jackets, pool markers, swim lessons – and a safety sign system developed by Clarion Safety. The strategy resulted in a 55% decrease in pull-outs as well as being honored with Aquatics International’s Best of Aquatics Award for Innovations in Safety. Learn more about this case study by clicking the link below.

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Willamalane Park and Recreation District's Pool Safety Signs

For Oregon’s Willamalane Park and Recreation District, a National Gold Medal recipient for excellence in the management of its five recreational facilities and 45 parks, safety is a key issue. At its Splash! At Lively Park swim center, the text-based, ‘list of rules’ safety signs failed to stand out or be engaging to the park’s users. Willamalane worked with Clarion Safety to develop a pool safety sign system using best practice graphic designs and repetition of messages to effectively communicate. The result is a true “systems” approach to risk reduction using tabletop placards, signs in and around locker rooms, and poolside signs and cones. Patrons now have key information to avoid harm – often stopping to view signs throughout the facility.

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Safety Sign Systems at GGB Bearing Technology

For GGB Bearing Technology, and across their worldwide production facilities, safety is a strong, core value. Management identified that signage inconsistencies at one U.S.-based facility needed improvement. Recognizing the benefits of upgrading to uniform designs and international symbols, GGB chose Clarion Safety to implement a best practice safety sign system, using the latest risk communication technology. It’s being rolled out across different departments in the facility, creating consistency between accident prevention, egress pathmarkings, safety/fire equipment location, and company policy signs – with another U.S. facility working towards a similar upgrade. With unified, symbol-based designs and global consistency, workers, subcontractors and guests will be better protected from harm.

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International Market Requirements for Labels at Conveyor Industries

Material handling equipment, like conveyors, are used in hundreds of industries worldwide. With energized moving parts and machinery, there’s the potential for injury if equipment is used incorrectly. When a major, international leader in material handling and logistics automation decided they needed a global system of safety labels, they knew they couldn’t rely on just any company, any printer, for the solution. Clarion Safety created and supplied an upgraded label program to meet international market requirements. We produced all-new label designs to meet current best practices – and unified labels throughout the company’s divisions and markets. Now the company has a consistent, cutting-edge safety label system to better protect the people who install, use and service their conveyors worldwide.

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Hawaii Beach Safety

Many people don’t understand the potential hazards related to beach environments – everything from sharp coral to seriously strong undertow that can rip you from the shore. Injuries and deaths occur frequently enough that communicating safety is paramount for the country’s beaches, especially the oceans and Great Lakes. Clarion Safety designed new safety signs for a large number of these hazards – signs meant to affect people’s behavior so they can better avoid harm. Clear and concise language was used in conjunction with eye-catching ISO-formatted graphical symbols to communicate the most essential messages. Symbol elements were made predominate because of the necessity to convey safety information to the wide variety of international, often non-English-reading, people who visit beaches.

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Eye-Catching, Standards-Compliant Safety Signs at Evergreen Wings & Waves Waterpark

From the start it was clear that safety signs would have to play a crucial role in keeping guests safe at Oregon’s unique Evergreen Wings & Waves Waterpark: 70,000 square feet of aquatics activities with an aviation theme – including the only Boeing 747 airplane mounted on top of a nine-story building in the world. During the waterpark’s construction, Clarion Safety developed a sign system to communicate the park’s safety, hygiene and ride instructional messages. With our innovative approach, ANSI Z535 and ISO design rules were made to fit within the park’s aviation theme. The end result is that guests have a more pleasant overall waterpark experience, and most importantly, they’re better protected from harm.

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Protecting People in Farm Environments

A yak ranch and agritourism destination in Michigan had a unique safety challenge. People would frequently stop to take pictures of the yaks, as close by as possible. If young yaks were near the fence, visitors (including children) would try to touch them. This presented a very real danger; yaks appear docile but can get defensive quickly – potentially goring visitors. Using state-of-the-art symbols, eye-catching color-coding and the latest ANSI Z535 and ISO design principles, Clarion Safety developed a best practice sign system to help warn about the potential hazard of yak attacks. Clarion Safety also suggested the addition of an orange-lined outer perimeter fence which visitors would be instructed not to cross, providing an extra measure to clearly indicate safe distances.

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Safer Parks, Universities and Golf Courses

Many public and private premises in the southeast U.S., like parks, universities and golf courses, have problems with alligators. Most of today’s environmental safety signs consist of text-only word messages not formatted to the latest best practice standards. Clarion Safety developed a safety sign format that uses the latest warnings technology: the ANSI and ISO best practice standards. The new signs include a recently-registered ISO safety symbol to warn about the presence of alligators. While the Clarion Safety sign was developed for golf courses, it can be used across a number of types of premises where the hazard of alligators is present – with the aim of helping to reduce the risk of accidents, and of liability exposure, should an accident occur.

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