Electrical Grounding Labels

Electrical grounding safety labels remind people of the importance of properly grounding electrically-powered equipment to avoid the risk of fire and electric shock. Grounding is the process of removing excess charge on an object by transferring electrical charges from a short circuit between that object and another larger object. When a charged object is grounded correctly, the excess charge is therefore balanced by the transfer of charges between the charged object and the ground, which provides a safe return path for the electricity to travel to the earth. Symbol-only ground indication labels are placed at the points where ground connections exist. The power ground symbol represents the net attached to a universal zero reference voltage, while earth ground represents the connection to the earth and places of safe conduction. Grounding point labels related to ESD are available in our “electrostatic discharge” category.

Grounding labels combined with leakage current warnings help improve protection for operating personnel, as residual current operated circuit breakers are seeing increased use in electrical installations. Leakage currents are those that flow to the ground in a properly operating circuit or to an external conductive component, making them extremely dangerous if the ground conductor is not connected. When you measure leakage currents in machines to determine needed labels, you should always measure the current in various operating conditions, like different motor speeds and pressures.

Finding the electrical grounding label that meets your specific requirements is easy, as we offer symbol only, symbol and text, and multi-symbol and text formats, as well as indoor and outdoor options.  Browse the labels here in our catalog, or create your own to include any additional requirements you may have.

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